Toke Yonekawa oral history interview, June 25, 2005

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Toke Yonekawa oral history interview, June 25, 2005


Yonekawa, Toke: narrator
Richard: interviewer
Go For Broke National Education Center: publisher

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Toke Yonekawa describes his childhood growing up with his mother, stepfather, and siblings in a multiracial neighborhood in Guadalupe, California. He talks about what it was like growing up in the Depression and how everyone he knew were in a similar…

Toke Yonekawa describes his work in a vegetable packing house after high school. During this time, the attack on Pearl Harbor occurs and he sees forced removal and arrests of Japanese Americans and experiences visits from the FBI.

After the announcement of Executive Order 9066, Toke Yonekawa is removed to the Tulare detention facility where he works in the hospital and camouflage factory. Following his move to the Gila River incarceration camp, he is allowed to seek employment…

Toke Yonekawa enjoys his marriage before going into the army having volunteered for the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). He enjoys basic training, but the schooling is very difficult especially learning Japanese. Towards the end of the war he is…

Toke Yonekawa works in the Dai-Ishi Building during the Allied Occupation of Japan with General Douglas MacArthur as a translator and interpreter. After his military service, he returns to his family in Minnesota and works as a chef.

Toke Yonekawa holds no bitterness about his incarceration because he found his wife and made a life following the consequences of the incarceration. He describes the successes of his children and grandchildren. He also felt privileged to serve in the…

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