Roy Honbo oral history interview, June 19, 2000

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Roy Honbo oral history interview, June 19, 2000

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R. Honbo discusses his early years growing up in Hawaii. He talks about his homelife; describes his parents; and talks about his early education. He also talks about his army experiences after being drafted.

R. Honbo discusses his military experiences. He talks about his basic training and war participation in Europe. He describes his military work assignment and close calls he had while performing his duties.

R. Honbo discusses his experiences in the European Theater during World War Two. He relays his experiences exposed to the battlefield in role as a switchboard operator. He also talks about how a foot injury sent him home to Hawaii in the middle of…

R. Honbo discusses his feelings and thoughts regarding Japan's involvement in World War Two; and what it was like being a Japanese American in the United States military. In addition, he shares his observations and experiences regarding race…

R. Honbo talks about his experiences and thoughts regarding race relations in American society. He shares his observations and feelings regarding African Americans and Caucasians. He also talks about his children's' interracial marriages, and the…

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