Michael Miyake oral history interview, January 27, 2002

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Michael Miyake oral history interview, January 27, 2002

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Miyake discusses his youth and adolescence in Hawaii, and how his mother's widowhood impacted the family. He also describes living in Hawaii before it gained statehood. In addition he talks about getting drafted in the U.S. military.

Miyake describes his experiences in basic training at both Camp McCoy then Camp Shelby; he compares the differences between the two camps. He also discusses the cultural differences between the Hawaiian Niseis and Mainland Niseis. In addition Miyake…

Miyake talks about his military job as Supply Sergeant at military camp and on during European Campaign. He shares stories about childhood friends who had served with him. He also discusses recollections of military tactics he observed from the…

Miyake talks about how the 100th met with the 442nd. He also discusses his life after the war; he declined participation in Occupied Japan in order to return to Hawaii. He shares his experiences attending college at Northwestern.

Miyake discusses his life after his military service, and after his completion of Northwestern University. He worked in Law and Accounting, then held a political office. In addition, Miyake talks about Hawaii's transition from U.S. territory to U.S.…

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