Roy Yokote oral history interview, June 28, 2003

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Roy Yokote oral history interview, June 28, 2003

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Roy Yokote talks about his childhood growing up in rural California and how Japanese culture played a part in it. He also goes into his family history-- in particular, the backgrounds of his mother and father before moving to the United States and…

In this segment, Roy Yokote focuses on his education from grammar school through his first semester of college. He also recalls the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the reactions of his parents and fellow students afterwards.

Roy Yokote recounts the events leading up to his family's evacuation, the resulting economic losses, and the emotional toll. He describes his family's experience and living conditions at the Marysville Assembly Center and Tulelake Relocation Center…

Roy Yokote reflects on the German POWs he guarded towards the end of the war and the difference between German and American weaponry. He also describes his experiences working as an x-ray technician both in Naples and in the US after his return.…

Roy Yokote shares photos of his time in Europe serving with the 442nd. In particular, he shares photos and experiences of his time working and traveling in Italy.

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