George Matsui oral history interview, part 3 of 3, September 11, 1998


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George Matsui was reassigned to MacArthur's Headquarters, Army Intelligence G2, Natural Resources Section after Japan surrendered. He recalls traveling to Fukuoka to see his family for the first time.

After being discharged, George returned to the United States with a big homecoming. There was a welcome banner and steak dinner. He reunited with his girlfriend in Minneapolis and got married five days later. George continued his education and found a job with the Government Civil Service. He had numerous promotions during his 30-year career at the Postal Office and retired in 1976.

In his retirement years, George stayed active and joined two tennis clubs.
George and his wife moved from Minneapolis to San Diego and Seattle. They have two daughters.

George's message to future generations was to study hard and go to college.



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1915 Mar 01

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