Akira Otani oral history interview, part 4 of 7, April 17, 2004


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Akira Otani continues to talk about the Varsity Victory Volunteers. He describes joining the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. He discusses an assembly at the Iolani Palace. He talks about leaving Hawaii and his journey to the Mainland. He describes landing in Oakland, California. He discusses his journey to Camp Shelby. He shares his impressions of Camp Shelby. He talks about his basic training. Otani lists his unit's leadership. He describes his relationships with Mainland soldiers. He talks about the discrimination that African American soldiers faced in the south. He describes the Hawaiian soldier's attempts to defend African American soldiers. He discusses a military furlough in New Orleans, Louisiana. He talks about a visit with his father at the Santa Fe Detention Facility. He describes his visits to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He explains how he trained replacement soldiers. He shares his impressions of the Santa Fe Detention Facility.



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1921 Jan 26

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