Akira Otani oral history interview, part 6 of 7, April 17, 2004


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Akira Otani continues to talk about how he ensured that his father safely returned to Hawaii. He also talks about reuniting with his family. He shares his father's feelings toward the United States government after his imprisonment. He discusses his father's return to work. He talks about his father's death. He describes his journey to Tokyo, Japan, including a stop in the Philippines. He talks about landing in Tokyo. He discusses his work for the censorship department during the military occupation. He describes an incident on a train when he was going to visit his father's family. He shares other memorable experiences in Japan. Otani talks about the Cotton Club. He also talks about being discharged. He lists the friendships that he forged in Japan. He describes a recent trip to Japan. He briefly talks about returning to his studies at the University of Hawaii. He discusses corresponding with his future wife while overseas. He briefly talks about his marriage.



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1921 Jan 26

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