Arthur Kurahara oral history interview, part 4 of 4, October 6, 2004


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Kurahara discusses a close encounter overseas. He witnesses how the US soldiers gets out of the foxhole at the right time when the German bomb goes into their foxhole. He explain how fate plays a factor.

During the war, Kurahara is a radio man for D Company. He is position with the Captain and behind the riflemen. The riflemen are in front of the line. When he communicates on the radio, he uses Pidgin English or Japanese so the enemy cannot decipher what they are saying.

When war ends, Kurahara decides to re-enlist. He stays in Europe for a year to tour around. Kurahara loves fine art and he would go sees the historical sights, architecture, and museums. He is thankful for the opportunity to serve because he has the opportunity to see the artworks discuss in school. Kurahara wants to re-enlist again but his family misses him and wants him to return home.

Kurahara is discharge and comes home to Hawaii. He returns back to the sugar mill as supervisor and gets married. Kurahara is married for 50 plus years now. During his retirement time, he enjoys reading about art and shares advice for his children and the future generations.








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