Tommy Nishioka oral history interview, part 6 of 7, June 21, 2000


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Nishioka discusses what it's like to get a shrapnel wound and what happened to him after being sent back to Hawaii. He would get a second opinion of a doctor in Hawaii but he ended up not having an operation again. He also talks about his limited correspondence with his parents during the war and the awards and medals he received, including the Purple Heart. After this, he talks about the end of the war and his discharge from the Army. He would join the Signal Corps for a short time but would be forced to retire based on disability from his shrapnel wound. Next, he talks about the legacy of the Nisei soldiers and how they should be proud of what they did. He also talks about his marriage background, his experience in the war and gives a message to future generations. He then talks about his personal story and passing it on to his family and others that are interested.



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1921 Aug 01

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Nishioka, Tommy: narrator, Enomoto, Satomi: interviewer, and Go For Broke National Education Center: publisher, “Tommy Nishioka oral history interview, part 6 of 7, June 21, 2000,” Japanese American Military History Collective, accessed May 21, 2024,