Eji Suyama oral history interview, part 4 of 5, March 29, 2008


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Suyama continues to talk about his first encounter with German soldiers. He discusses his studies at the University of Florence. He describes being discharged. He talks about discrimination in higher education. He discusses the first Nisei soldier to be a pilot in the Air Force and the strategies of the Air Force. He explains the most difficult and enjoyable aspects of World War Two. He describes Mount Fogorito. Suyama talks about an unnecessary death that occurred during the war. He briefly shares humorous situations that occurred during the war. He discusses his interactions with Asian civilians and soldiers. He describes the foods he missed during the war and the foods he had during the war. He talks about having appendicitis and his recovery in Newport News, Virginia. He describes his parents lives after the war. He explains how he reunited with family. He discusses showing affection in Asian families. He explains how he met his wife for the first time. He describes his courtship with his future wife. He talks about his relationship with his mother-in-law. He discusses his children and grandchildren. He describes the conflicts between his daughter and wife. He talks about his hobbies. Suyama talks about the University of Chicago. He discusses the success of the Nisei generation. He explains why he hasn't shared his war stories with family. He lists books that deal with the Japanese American experience. He talks about supreme court cases involving Japanese Americans. He explains the legal clause that potentially allows for internment in the present day.








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1920 Feb 04

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