Nobuo Yamashita oral history interview, part 2 of 3, October 6, 2001


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In New Guinea, Nobuo "Nob" Yamashita's assignment is to interrogate Prisoners of War (POWs). He says the POWs are happy someone can speak their native language and be treated decently. The goal of interrogating the POWs is to find out their mission and assignments before being captured.

Later Nob prepares for the invasion of Luzon, Philippines. The first target mission is to hit the American GI Prison Camp. In Luzon, there are Filipino guerrillas who have a different tactic with the POWs. Nob says it is difficult to interrogate POWs if they are wounded. It is better to treat the POWs with humanity for them to corporate. In Manila, Nob is hospitalized and meets Mrs. MacArthur.

After the Philippines, Nob goes to Korea. He serves with the Civil Government working on war crime trials. After his Korea Tour, Nob is discharged, January 3, 1946, at Camp McCoy. Post-war, Nob gets married to Dorthy, and they have four children and several grandchildren.



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1920 Sep 28

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