Masato Yamashita oral history interview, part 3 of 3, October 4, 2011


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Masato Yamashita's interview is with Lloyd Fujitani.

When the news of the war is over, Masato Yamashita hears that they might go to the Pacific, and soldiers from I Company sign up for the Military Intelligence Service (MIS).

At the end of the war, Masato's duty is guarding German Prisoners and attends school. Lloyd Fujitani also has guard duty at the end of the war. He watches over the surplus supply and Army equipment. Lloyd recalls the Army recruiting him for the 88th Division. However, he wants to return home.

In December, Masato is discharged and returns to Lodi, CA. He lives with his mother since the passing of his father. Masato works on the ranch for a few years before going to National Trade School to learn mechanics. Later he works at Pine Street Garage in Lodi for ten years. Masato saves enough money and buys the building next door to the auto shop. He owns a supply store called Pine Auto Supply for several years before selling the business.

In September 1946, Lloyd is discharge. Lloyd works on the ten-acre vineyard producing wine for winemakers.

Masato and Lloyd discuss the Nisei legacy. Masato says Japanese Americans and other Asians have more equality now than before thanks to the 442nd contributions.



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