Ken Miya oral history interview, part 1 of 5, February 23, 2002


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Miya discusses his prefecture origin and changing his last name from Miyagishima to Miya. He feels that Miya would be easier for his friends to pronounce. Growing up, his family are Christians. The Miya family does not tend church regularly due to the farming schedule. When the Miya family has time, they would attend family gatherings and traditional Japanese reunions with relatives.

Miya's Issei parents originally settles in Utah and runs a Japanese grocery and a billiard hall. Later the family moves to Long Beach, California to work at a produce stand at a food chain call Economy Market. He recalls attending primary school and Japanese School with little free time to play. Eventually Miya's family move back to Utah to help a relative with the farm after his grammar school years. When the war broke out, his family decides to stay in Utah.

In Utah, Miya starts Davis High School and his favorite subjects are chemistry, science and wood shops. During High School, he would would also work and help on the farm. When time permits, Miya is able to participate in a Japanese Baseball League. After High School, he is unable to attend college because of racism and discrimination.






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