Kiyoji Morimoto oral history interview, part 1 of 7, February 28, 2002


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Kiyoji Morimoto discusses his birth date, birthplace and familial description. Morimoto's father is from Japan and becomes a commercial fisherman in Hilo, Hawaii. Morimoto's Father is a happy go lucky guy. His occupation requires him to work on the weekdays and the weekend he goes to happy hour with his friends. Morimoto does not remember much about his Issei Mother because she passes away when he is young.

As a child, Morimoto would sell fish and make allowances. He describe all the food he can buy for $.25. This included candy too. In the Morimoto household, the children and parents did not communicate as much. Morimoto theorizes it is due to the kids speaks English and the Parents speaks Japanese. Also another reason is his Parents have no time to learn English because the are working to support the six children. After the war, Morimoto learns that his oldest sister is adopted. He says he does not know much about his family history because there is a lack of communication.

Morimoto recalls fishing since live next to the Bay. At the Bay, his family lives in a unit that has two bedrooms and a kitchen. Other activities Morimoto enjoys are going to the park and playing football at local club. He shares sport rival stories and making homemade weapon toys.






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1919 Aug 09

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