Kiyoji Morimoto oral history interview, part 5 of 7, February 28, 2002


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Kiyoji "Jonah" Morimoto discusses the lessons learned from the Luciano campaign. His company learns how to attack in combat and the amount of fire power to use against the enemies to scare them. He recalls the supply line being well supplied because there is daily shipment of ammunition.

The next campaign is Bruyeres. At this time Morimot's rank is a squad leader and he says there is not a lot of action during this battle. Following next is the Lost Battalion Rescue. Morimoto recalls the cut down in numbers of troop and the company arriving with 17 riflemen plus several weapon platoon. The number of soldiers are affected by weather conditions or trench foot. Morimoto suffers from frost bite. In the campaign, 800 soldiers are wounded or killed to save 200-300 Lost Battalion.

In the Champagne Campaign, the unit is depleted and the troops are waiting for replacements. While they are waiting in Nice, France the soldiers either go to bars or dancing, Morimoto recalls the Gothic Line and getting injured from motor shell attack. He did not need to go to the hospital because it is a flesh wound on the arm. After the Gothic Line is broken, it is the last defense for the German soldiers. During wartime, Morimoto corresponds with his family when he is able to. However, he cannot write much because he does not want to concern them.

From battle field, Morimoto gets souvenirs such as pistol, compass, and binoculars German owned.






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