Kiyoji Morimoto oral history interview, part 7 of 7, February 28, 2002


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Kiyoji "Jonah" Morimoto discusses the difficulties to transition civilian life and takes two years to find himself on the mainland. Morimoto decides to return home when his financials are running low after traveling to various cities such as Chicago, New York and Seattle.

When Morimoto returns to Hilo, Hawaii, he goes to Honolulu to get radio parts for work. Since moving back to Hawaii, there are two tidal waves that change the course of Morimoto's career opportunities. A tidal wave in 1956 a damages Morimoto's home along with his radio equipment and a tidal wave in 1960. This tidal wave affects Morimoto's Brother's business and Morimoto and his wife stays to help rebuild the auto paint shop. Morimoto brief describes meeting his wife at a social gathering.

Even though he experience of war haunt him he recalls the best part of war is seeing the historical buildings and sites in Italy. One especially is the Cathedral.
Morimoto does not share his war time experiences with his family or wife, he shares advice for the future generations and the importance of oral history. He also shares momentum from the war such as emblems, photographs, letters, documents, and awards.






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