Sumio Frank Shimada oral history interview, part 3 of 5, March 23, 2002


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Sumio Frank Shimada shares his experience with the Hawaiian soldiers at Camp Shelby. Frank had a good experience with them and learned how to speak pidgin.

At Camp Shelby, the summer was hot, and the winter was cold. The winter was chiller, especially for the Hawaiian soldiers. Frank recalls the Hawaiian boys would sit by the fire all night. In training, Frank learned about the 100th and their accomplishments. The 100th trained at Camp Shelby before going overseas fall of 1943.

After Frank's group completed basic training, they joined the earlier group to form a company at Camp Shelby. Serving in the Army, Frank wanted to show the Government he was a good American. He felt that was the same sentiment with the other Japanese Americans serving in the army.

When Frank prepared to go overseas, he departed from Newport News, VA. The trip took a month, avoiding the German submarines. Frank arrived in Sicily, Italy, first. Overseas, Frank was in the 3rd Platoon, 3rd Squad. He recalls his first battle and seeing his first casualty. Frank describes his third day in combat with the German soldiers.

Frank's major battles were Rome-Arno and Rhineland. During the Hill 140 battle, Frank was in the 3rd Platoon, 3rd Squad, the Platoon Reserve hauling ammunition during the battle on Hill 140. There were many casualties from hill 140. After Hill 140, there were no more battles until Luciana.



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