Charles Toyoji Ijima oral history interview, part 1 of 4, April 11, 2007


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Charles "Charley" Toyoji Ijima is born on January 8, 1925, in Makaweli, Kauai, Hawaii. His family lives on a sugar cane plantation. His parents are from Niigata Prefecture of Japan. Charley's father, Shozo Ijima, comes to Hawaii by himself first. Later Charley's mother, Haru Asato, immigrates to the United States when she is seventeen years old as a picture bride.

Charley has seven siblings. He describes life going up on a plantation. When Pearl Harbor is bombed, he discusses the restrictions and rations that occur. After high school, Charley volunteers for the 442nd and enlisted at Schofield Barracks. His three other brothers also join the service later.



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1925 Jan 08

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