William Yoshito Thompson oral history interview, part 3 of 3, June 27, 2007


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William Yoshito Thompson arrives in France and lands in Marseille. William's unit is the 2nd Battalion Head Quarters, which services the Rifle Company. In the Rifle Company, there is E Company, F Company, and G Company (the heavy weapons company). October 15, William encounters his first battle in the surrounding areas of Bruyeres. He talks about the objectives and the turning point of Bruyeres.

Although William's unit is not assigned to the Lost Battalion rescue, he discusses the events and gives credit to his unit for helping to get the Germans out of the Vosges area.

After leaving Southern France, William returns to Italy for the last push at the Gothic Line. He remembers moving fast through the towns. The Rifle Company and William's company are both facing casualties. William's company loses serval men plus their Company Commander. The replacement Company Commander is Nishimura.

William discusses the German surrendering and the end of the war. He leaves Italy in November and returns to California to Camp Beale. From there, he goes on a boat to Hawaii and is discharged from the Army in December.

Post-war, William furthers his education at the University of Hawaii and works for the Water Department for 17 years. He gets married and has four children and six grandchildren.

Furthermore, William talks about the importance of character building, his Issei uncle, and Shiego Joseph Takata. Despite the racial prejudices, the Nisei veterans persevered and showed oyakoukou - bringing honor to their parents and their county.



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