Paul Bannai oral history interview, part 7 of 8, September 15, 2002


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Paul Takao Bannai likes to be active in the community, but there is not enough time. Paul is part of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) for more than 60 years. Paul would like to put more time into helping Go For Broke. However, if they need him for anything, he is willing to be there for the organization.

Paul also goes to high schools and universities to speak to students about evacuation and his military service. Paul is a member of the Nikkei International Association. Nikkei International Association's goal is to maintain the relationship with other Japanese Americans overseas and promote the Japanese heritage. Later, Paul discovers he is part of a Fukushima-Ken Kenjin-Kai.

Paul explains he is active in the community because he likes helping others. Therefore, Paul teaches his children the value of helping others. Although, he does not share his wartime shares with his children. Paul's two daughters were active in the court cases for Gordon Hirabayashi, Fred Korematsu, and Minoru Yasui. Therefore they are familiar with the Japanese American experience.

Paul discusses different ways of recording history through oral histories, books, and photographs. By recording history, the purpose is to retain the experiences of the Nisei to educate others. Paul loves photography and has over 400 albums of photos. He likes to record events of other people through photographs.



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