Kameo Toyota oral history interview, part 5 of 5, November 17, 2002


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Toyota discusses General Dahlquist's leadership and his Second Lieutenant getting killed during the rescue of the Lost Battalion. In the course of wartime, Toyota's regret is that he did not correspond with his family as much as he wanted.

Post-war. Toyota's family relocates to Cleveland. In 1945, Toyota is discharge and goes to school for an engineering career. Meanwhile, he meets his wife and have been married for 50 years. Since his wife is a country girl, they move to Fresno to be closer to her family. Toyota gives up his opportunity of the engineering field and beginning of his civil service career for 20 years.

In Cleveland, Toyota recalls a time when a civilian shakes his hand and thanks him for his service. Toyota is proud to be a representative of the Japanese Community during his time in service but did not like what his sees. Toyota flashbacks to Sospel, Italy where his Lieutenant took two replacement to go on patrol and gets capture. Toyota describes how the replacements keep getting younger when they come to war.

Toyota feels war should not be learned from second hand news because it is over exaggerated. Taking to veterans or soldiers can give a realistic view since they have experience war and the information will be more accurate. When asked about the Go For Broke movie, Toyota feels the movie does not depict realism.

Toyota shares his thoughts on the contributions of the Issei and Nisei. He shares advice for the future generations.






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