Seichi Sakaida oral history interview, part 1 of 2, August 26, 2007


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Seichi Sakaida serves with the 442nd in K Company. He is born July 9, 1922, in Ookala, HI. At a young age, his family moves to Molokai, and he grows up on the plantations. Seichi's parents are from Yamaguchi Kan prefecture in Japan and his mother is a picture bride. There are five children in the family including Seichi.

Seichi describes growing up on a plantation in Molokai and being near a Leper Colony. Seichi attends Molokai Elementary School, Molokai Intermediate School, and Molokai High School. Throughout his school years, he participates in sports and the plantation league.

After graduating High School, he works on the plantation at the auto repair shop. He recalls December 7, and the restrictions that are in effect after the Pearl Harbor attack. Seichi volunteers for the military. When he passes his physical he is sent to Schofield barracks.

Seichi goes overseas to the Mainland for basic training at Camp Shelby. Seichi discusses his basic training experience and segregation in Mississippi.



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1922 Jul 09

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