Arthur Warren Cunningham oral history interview, part 1 of 3, September 7, 2007


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Cunningham and the interviewers introduce themselves. Cunningham talks about his parents. He describes his mother's physical appearance. He discusses his physical appearance. He talks about his mother and his siblings. He describes his relationship with his mother. He discusses his chores on his family farm. He talks about going fishing. He talks about his grandfather's service during the Civil War. He discusses his mother's remarriage and his stepfather. He describes his family's farm and house. He briefly talks about primary school. Cunningham describes winters in Tennessee. He talks about his involvement in sports. He describes his work on the family farm. He discusses the Attack on Pearl Harbor and the Aftermath. He talks about joining the military. He describes the Civilian Conservation Corps. He discusses Franklin Delano Roosevelt's legacy. He talks about his basic training. He describes his journey to Europe. He discusses the first time he took enemy fire and his first time in combat. He talks about the first person KIA from his unit. He explains his amphibious training. He explains the difficulties associated with landing on the beach. He describes his travel through Europe. He discusses finding an underground fortress full of German soldiers.






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1924 Dec 06

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Cunningham, Arthur Warren: narrator, Horsting, Robert: interviewer, and Go For Broke National Education Center: publisher, “Arthur Warren Cunningham oral history interview, part 1 of 3, September 7, 2007,” Japanese American Military History Collective, accessed May 29, 2024,