Jack Wayne Wilson oral history interview, part 1 of 2, November 2, 2009


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Jack Wayne Wilson is born in Newburgh, Indiana, on January 3, 1924. His mother is Sadye Mae Anderson Wilson she is a descendant from the Daniel Boone family. His father is Baron Faron Wilson. Jack's father starts working the coal mines at a young age and continues until the Great Depression. Jack serves in the 141st 36th Division.

Jack grows up during the Prohibition era. At a young age, he tries to earn extra money by selling empty bottles to Bootleggers and catches Blue Gills.

After high school, Jack helps build Long Ship Tanks (LST)at the shipyard in Evansville, Indiana. Jack gets promoted to the number one layout man. Shortly after, Jack receives his draft notice and passes his physical examination. He is selected to be in the Navy; however, Jack wants to join the Army.

Jack starts basic training at Camp Blanding and joins to the 36th Division. He recalls the events of World War Two and the European Theater Operations from Mount Longo, Rapido River, Cassino, Montelimar, Italy. Jack, and his Company battle against enemy fire.

During the invasions, Jack is injured a few times and receives the Purple Heart twice.







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