Ray Wells oral history interview, part 1 of 4, September 8, 2007


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Ray Wells's interview is combined with Julian Quayles.

Raymond C. Wells is born May 5, 1922, in Eagle Colorado. Julian Minor Quayles, Jr is born January 15, 1917, in Staunton, Virginia. Both men serve in the 141st Infantry Battalion during World War Two.

Ray's and Julian's parents are hardworking to provide for the family. Ray's father works on the railroad. As a result, the Wells family moves around New Mexico. Julian's father retires when Julian is born and has many opportunities for bonding time.

Both men discuss their childhood and school years. In their informal years, they begin their military experiences. Ray joins the National Guards at the age of sixteen. Julian attends Augusta Military Academy at Fort Defiance.

Ray describes his National Guard training and active duty in 1940. He recalls December 7, and Rapido River.





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1922 May 05

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