Janet Brown and Susan Hardwick oral history interview for William Hardwick, Part 2 of 2, September 11, 2007


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Janet Brown Hardwick Brown is the oldest of the Hardwick sisters. She is married to Phil Brown and has three children and grandchildren. Susan Hardwick is the youngest sister and is a real estate agent for 30 years. The Hardwick sisters start a journey that leads them to learn about the 442nd and the heroes that save their father, Bill Hardwick of the 36th Infantry Regiment.

Susan Hardwick discusses that her father, Bill, did not take about the war experience often. She would hear the war stories from her mother. Bill has a lot of admiration and respect for the Japanese Americans. At a young age, Susan remembers her father would be saddened if he hears discriminative remarks about the Nisei veterans. Susan recalls a story about a Nisei veteran and a barbershop.

Janet Hardwick encourages anyone to serve their country if they have an opportunity no matter the situation. She feels we should be proud of the Nisei veterans because they opened the doorway for all Americans. Learn as much as you can about the Nisei legacy. Susan says because of her father, they are introduced to the 442nd. The 442nd embodies tolerance, respect, and gratitude that we should all have in the face of adversity.

Moreover, the Hardwick sister believes oral histories are a learning tool. Susan adds that oral histories are a continuous duty that all veterans should do after the war to keep the story alive.



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