Frank Hiratsuka oral history interview, part 1 of 3, November 21, 2008


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Frank Hiratsuka is born July 16, 1926, in Aliso, CA. In the late 1800's Frank's grandparents immigrate to the United States and have eight children.

Frank's grandfather is a farmer, and Frank's father briefly works on the farm until he gets another job. Both Frank's parents work in private homes and live at the employer's home. Frank's parents are hard-working and work six days a week.

During the Great Depression, Frank says life is not difficult because his parents have a stable job. Although his parents are always working, they do have time off to spend with family and friends. Frank says New Year is a festive holiday with Japanese food and family.

At school, Frank's favorite subjects are art and music. He plays numerous instruments from the violin, saxophone to the clarinet. He recalls performing at the World Fair with his school band.

Frank's childhood activities consist of games, marbles, movies, and listening to adventure shows on the radio.

On December 7, Frank remembers listening to the radio and hearing the news broadcast about Pearl Harbor. Frank and his parents and the bus driver from the Japanese School decide to go to Ridley (the safe zone).



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