Chiye Watanabe oral history interview, part 5 of 5, December 20, 2008


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Chiye Hayashi Watanabe, Henry M. Hayashi, and Seiichi Nakawatase discuss the Medal of Honor and the process of getting Joe nominated. The process with the War Department takes several years until Joe is approved.

Henry mentions Senator Daniel Akaka's efforts to have the Japanese Americans and other Asian soldiers recognized to receive the Medal of Honor. The opportunities for Japanese American has changed for the better with the Nisei contributions in World War Two.

Chiye also says Joe's service helps the Japanese Americans. Previously due to the Alien Land Law, Japanese Americans could not own land. The future generations of Japanese Americans have changed due to the Nisei contribution.

Chiye, Henry, Seiichi, and the rest of the Hayashi family are proud of Joe and his accomplishments. Chiye misses Joe very much.






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