Janet Nakakihara and Janice Trubitt oral history interview, part 3 of 4, April 26, 2007


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When the war happens, Janice's mother goes to Manzanar. Janet recalls her memory of uncle Sadao. Sadao likes sports (football), eating, and has a close relationship amongst the siblings are very close. Janet describes how her mother learns of Sadao's passing.

Janet describes her feeling being related to Sadao Munemori. She is very proud of her uncle Sadao and the other Japanese Americans who fought in World War Two. Janet's mother sympathizes with other families who lost love ones in the war.

Janet and Janice discusses the Nisei legacy and are grateful for their contributions. The Nisei legacy opens doors for future generations and proves Japanese Americans are great citizens and are loyal.

When World War Two started, Janet's parents are in Japan. They were not allowed to return to the United States due to their citizenship. In the 1950's, Janet's parents and grandmother applied for US citizenship.

Janice discusses discrimination. Janice thanks Go For Broke National Education Center for making the oral history to share the stories for future generations. The efforts of the Issei and Nisei help give more opportunities for future generations with equality.





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