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Takabayashi discusses the realities of shell shock. He details about his career after the army. Takabayashi also discusses the legacy of Japanese Americans and what it meant to fight in the war.

Takabayashi discusses his experiences from the Gothic Line. He details about surprising the enemy and losing friends. Takabayashi also discusses about finding a dog and taking it home.

Takabayashi discusses the voyage on The Queen Mary and the journey to the front line once in France. He details about his early experiences in France and his combat experiences. Takabayashi also discusses about his experiences in Italy and France and…

Takabayashi discusses the reason he joined the army and his experiences at Camp Shelby. He details about his voyage overseas. Takabayashi also discusses about arriving in France.

Takabayashi discusses more about farm life. He details about the aftermath from Pearl Harbor. Takabayashi also discusses volunteering for the army and his experiences at Camp Shelby.

Takabayashi discusses his family and what it was like growing in Brigham, Utah. He details about facing discrimination and recalls December 7, 1941.
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