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"Masa" discusses his military training at Fort Hood (Texas) and how went to Europe. He shares his experiences in New York City for furlough before deployment. He also talks about his combat experiences in Europe and how his life fair after his…

"Masa" discusses growing up in Hawaii, with Issei parents and his siblings. He talks about the ethnic enclaves that developed, due to plantation workers. He talks about family life as his parents owned a general store. He also talks about political…

Sakagami discusses more about his journey back home. He details about how he met his wife and his post-military life. Sakagami also gives a message to future generations.

Sakagami discusses more about his combat experiences. He details about his time in Italy post-war. Sakagami also discusses his journey home.

Sakagami discusses his voyage overseas. He details about his experiences at the Gothic Line. Sakagami also discusses about when he first joined up with the 100th Infantry Battalion.

Sakagami discusses more about his experiences at Pindale, but also his time at Tule Lake. He details about being drafted and basic training. Sakagami also discusses about the period before he was shipped out.

Sakagami discusses memories from his childhood growing up in Auburn, Washington. He details about the aftermath from Pearl Harbor. Sakagami also discusses about his experiences in the Pindale Temporary Detention Facility.
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