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Matsui discusses about his experiences in Europe, coming home, and the reception they received. He details about serving meant and his post-war life. Matsui also discusses about his family, cap and gown, and gives a message to future generations.

Matsui discusses about his experiences surrounding forced removal, going back to Elko, Nevada, and being drafted. He details basic training and experiences before shipping off. Matsui also discusses about his combat experiences in Italy.

Matsui discusses about his home life, schooling, and neighbor. He details about going to college and living in a boarding house. Matsui also discusses about Pearl Harbor and its aftermath.

Matsui discusses about growing up in Elko, Nevada and his family. He details about thew family business, neighborhood, and religion. Matsui also discusses about high school, friends, and holidays celebrated.

Matsumoto discusses his family losing their possessions after they were incarcerated, and describes his childhood home. He then discusses the scholarship he received because of the American Friends of Service Committee that allowed him to attend…

Matsumoto discusses growing up in San Diego, and talks about his parents, his siblings, and attending Japanese language school. He then shares his reactions and feelings regarding the attack on Pearl Harbor, his experiences with discrimination, and…
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