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Akamine discusses about his life after returning from the war. He details about his career after being discharged. Akamine also discusses his family and gives a message to future generations.

Akamine discusses the mindset when going into combat and his combat experiences. He reflects on the war and details about burying a German soldier. Akamine also discusses discrimination and reminisces about Lt. Kim.

Akamine discusses crossing the Volturno River and his experiences at Cassino. He details about how he was wounded and receiving disability later in life. Akamine also discusses about the time he spent in the hospital.

Akamine discusses his experiences shortly before and after arriving at Camp McCoy. He details about his experiences in North Africa and landing in Salerno, Italy. Akamine also discusses his experiences in Salerno, Italy.

Akamine discusses about enlisting into the service. He details about the events surrounding Pearl Harbor and his thoughts from it. Akamine also discusses some of his experiences while on guard duty.

Akamine discusses about his childhood experiences. He details about working on the sugar plantation. Akamine also discusses attending Japanese language school and his personal values and habits.
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