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Fukuzawa discusses about his childhood and parents. He details about Pearl Harbor and it aftermath. Fukuzawa also discusses about his families personal experiences with forced removal.

Fukuzawa discusses about life outside of camp including working and college. He details more about forced removal and being drafted. Fukuzawa also discusses about his send off, induction, and experiences at Camp Blanding.

Fukuzawa discusses about a friend and his experiences at Camp Blanding. He details about his family affection and his voyage overseas. Fukuzawa discusses about traveling to and experiences in France.

Fukuzawa discusses about his experiences in Italy both during and post-war. He details about his experiences in France, including the Champagne Campaign and his interactions with French citizens. Fukuzawa also discusses about the casualties of war.

Fukuzawa discusses about his fondest memory and the people he looked up to. He details about the Gothic Line, the end of the war, and his homecoming. Fukuzawa also discusses about his post-war life, going to college and becoming a teacher.

Fukuzawa discusses about his experiences with the Memorial Foundation. He details about the term Go For Broke and lessons learned from service. Fukuzawa ends the interview by giving some closing remarks and discussing a few photographs.

Fukuzawa discusses about Ms. Moss who had an impact on his life. He reads a letter out loud. Fukuzawa also shows and describes some photographs.
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