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Furumoto discusses growing up in Hawaii including sugar plantation experiences, childhood and high school activities, Japanese language school, his parents and cultural disciplinary standards, community leaders and educators and his decision to…

Furumoto discusses his decision to attend veterinary school at Kansas State University. He recounts his feelings during the Bombing of Pearl Harbor. He also discusses his decision to join the army.

Furumoto discusses his efforts to enlist and his experience in Military Intelligence Service Language School. He goes on to talk about his experiences in basic training at Camp Shelby.

Furumoto recalls joining Merrill's Marauders on a secret mission to Burma. He discusses his task of interpreting Japanese soldiers for information, and describes the Battle of Napunga Hill.

Furumoto discusses Roy Matsumoto and the Battle of Napunga Hill. He goes on to describe the diseases he contracted while overseas. He also discusses his participation in creating Black Propaganda.

Furumoto recalls the announcement of the end of the war and shares his thoughts about the moral issues of the United States' dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He reflects on his journey home to Kansas, his long-distance romance with…

Furumoto shows the samurai sword he received as a gift from a Japanese officer he met overseas. He goes on to share his opinion of the importance of the Nisei veterans' stories

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