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Iguchi discusses about life after the war. He details about his community involvement. Iguchi also gives a message to future generations.

Iguchi discusses about his experiences as a medic and being wounded. He details about the events after The Gothic Line. Iguchi also discusses about his best and worst experiences in the war and reflects on his military service.

Iguchi discusses about the journey overseas, training to be a medic, and arriving in France. He details about his experiences during the Champagne Campaign and life as a medic. Iguchi also discusses about The Gothic Line.

Iguchi discusses about his father sending Honeydew Mel ons and life after after high school graduation. He details about being drafted and receiving training to be a medic. Iguchi also discusses about Pearl Harbor, Its aftermath, and joining the…

Iguchi discusses about his family and growing San Fernando Valley. He details how he identified himself and home life. Iguchi also discusses about school activities and religion.
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