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Kagawa reflects on the war and gives a message to future generations. He details about the legacy of Nisei soldiers. Kagawa also shows some newspaper articles that his saved.

Kagawa discusses about his experiences in Bruyeres. He details about being wounded and the recovery process. Kagawa also discusses about his life after returning to Hawaii.

Kagawa discusses more about the Battle of Monte Cassino. He details about rest and relaxation, gaining replacements, and receiving a unit citation. Kagawa also discusses about the Arno Campaign and heading into France.

Kagawa discusses his experiences at Camp McCoy and Camp Shelby. He details about heading overseas and when he realized "this is war". Kagawa also discusses the duties of Headquarters Company, paying respect to deceased German soldiers, and the Battle…

Kagawa discusses growing up in Waimea, family, and his educational experiences. He details about why he volunteered for the army and what he remembers about December 7, 1941. Kagawa also discusses the events after Pearl Harbor.
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