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Kaji discusses about the National Japanese American Museum and reflects on his life. He details about how he met his wife and honeymoon. Kaji also discusses about his family, post-war life, and a friend.

Kaji discusses about his schooling and post-war employment. He details about the impact of the Nisei and staring a museum.

Kaji discusses about joining the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) and experiences at Fort Snelling. He details about his experiences in post-war Japan and the Philippines. Kaji also discusses about rank, coming home and post-military life.

Kaji discuss about at his experiences at Manzanar Concentration Camp. He details about his family life and life after high school. Kaji also discusses about college and being drafted.

Kaji discusses about music. He details about Pearl Harbor and its aftermath. Kaji also discusses about forced removal and his experiences at Manzanar Concentration Camp.

Kaji discusses about Boyle Heights and Little Tokyo. He details about his schooling and having to rid of personal belongings do to forced removal. Kaji also discusses about self-awareness and self-identification.

Kaji discusses about his name and family. He details about childhood and Boyle Heights. Kaji also discusses about the Great Depression and his home life.
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