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Kirhiara discusses about his family and farming. He details about his childhood and educational experiences. Kirhiara also discusses about buying a farm, Pearl Harbor, and its aftermath.

Kirihara discusses about the Alien land law and the racial problems he once encountered growing up. He details about the aftermath from Pearl Harbor and dealing with forced removal. Kirihara also discusses about his experiences at Merced Temporary…

Kirihara discusses about his experiences at Granada (Amache) Concentration Camp, joining the army, and basic training at Camp Blanding. He details about going overseas and arriving in France. Kirihara also discusses about his duties and experiences…

Kirihara discusses about the Champagne Campaign and the Gothic Line. He details about German weponary, the end of the war, and coming home. Kirihara also discusses about settling back into civilian life and meeting his wife.

Kirihira discusses about what he does in retirement. He also gives a message to future generations.

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