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Matsuhara discusses and gives an overview of his life. He details about the aftermath from Pearl Harbor and his experiences at Tule Lake Concentration Camp. Matsuhara also discusses about volunteering for service, experiences at Camp Savage,…

Matsuhara discusses about working for the California Youth Authority and his retirement. He details about his involvement with the Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFW) and coaching. Matsuhara also discusses about his family and friends.

Matsuhara discusses about his experiences in the Philippines. He details about his fear of flying and his experiences in Japan. Matsuhara also discusses about his experiences with discrimination, Pearl Harbor, and its aftermath.

Matsuhara discusses values, playing basketball, friends, and Japanese language. He details about meeting his wife and experiences overseas. Matushara also discusses about his experiences in Japan and the legacy of the Military Intelligence Service…

Matsuhara discusses about his land lords, friends, and family. He details about his relationship with other soldiers. Matsuhara also discusses about various photographs.
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