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Memorial stone at Pietrosanto, Italy in 2003 honoring the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Men dressed as Go For Broke GIs.

Hiro Takusagawa and Hiroshi Mizuki at Gila River Reunion in June 2003.

Members of the 442nd Regimental Combat team in front of the Go For Broke National Education Center (GFBNEC) Monument. The monument was erected by Japanese American Veterans, who began the veteran's association, which is now GFBNEC.

Men in the…

George Takei speaking at podium in front of Go For Broke National Education Center monument.

Waterfront image with small row boats docked.

Small ships docking along the Lake Como, Italy.

Image captured from ship.

Two United States entertainment icons posing for photographs as part of the United Service Organization.

Text with photograph identifies Ed Gardener as "Duffy of Duffy's Tavern."

Falkenberg in Vada, Italy (near Livorno), visiting soldiers as part of the United Service Organization.

Falkenberg in Lecco, Italy as part of the United Services Organization; large crowd of soldiers and children stand behind her.

Marilyn Hare in Lecco, Italy (United Service Organization). Saying hello to the GIs.

Casual portrait of Kaz Takusagawa, seemingly on a bridge in an Italian town.

Monument in Milano Square. Image presumably captured by Mizuki during furlough travel.

Photograph likely taken while on military service furlough. Photograph likely taken from the front of Saint Peter's Cathedral. Photograph shows square's fountain and passersby.

Photograph appears to be a small stadium outlined by trees in Como, Italy.

Como Lakefront with city built around.

Girls identified as "Swiss misses." Two Caucasian girls with head scarfs and winter jackets leaning against a brick wall.

Marilyn Hare, arms stretched to her sides, singing with standing microphone. Presumably Hare is traveling with the United Service Organization

Marilyn Hare turns her head for a photograph among a crowd.
Hare was presumably in Italy with the United Service Organization.

Army Air Force Rest Center building. Location of the building is unknown.

Multi-story building at the end of a street; a fountain is visible at the left of the building.

Desert landscape with tire tracks visible in the valley.

Processed, train stopped in the Prairies before the Rockies for rest.

View of New York City in the distance. Taken from a ship.

New York City skyline in distance; photograph taken from a ship.

Closer to the Statue of Liberty approaching New York City. Other ships in harbor; image taken from a ship.

Sailing towards New York Harbor and Statue of Liberty; seen in the distance.

Sign of welcome to soldiers arrival to New York. "Welcome home. Well done." written on sign in distance.

Ship shown in the distance.

Text for photograph states, "US troop ship limps into harbor from Livorno for repair."

Italian merchants in rowboats with goods and food items. Image is captured from above, presumably from the side of a ship.

Another view of aircraft carrier.

Aircraft carrier parked in harbor. Image is captured from a a ship in the water.

View of a city from the water-- city is unknown.

Ship harbor, presumably in Azores, Portugal.

View of city by Azores Harbor.

City by the Azores Harbor.

Written of the photograph: "Our ship limps into Azores Harbor with broken engine."

Gibraltar rock in view from ship.

Rock of Gibraltar in view behind Japanese American soldiers.

Rock of Gibraltar from ship.

The "Rock of Gibralter" in the distance.

"The Rock" at a distance. Taken from aboard ship.

Remnants of torpedoed ship in harbor taken from another ship.

Spanish coast of Gibraltar. A soldier leaning on ledge of ship.

"Stop at Gibraltar Harbor on African side. Engine trouble" is written in reference to the image.

Departing from same small island in Mediterranean.

Passing small isle on the Mediterranean.

Arriverderci Livorno. Wake of our ship.

Tug boats escort out of harbor. Some GIs watching at side of ship.

View of ship deck.

Wreckage along the way out of the harbor. Seen from aboard ship.

GIs aboard ship sailing out of harbor

Band playing below for ship send-off. GIs aboard ship looking down at band.

GIs boarding ship for departure.

Soldiers with bags in back of truck. Ready to depart for ship.

Boarding truck to the ship. Soldiers sitting in the back of a truck.

Name on list being called. Soldiers sitting on building steps reading their papers.

"Guys learn of going home. They are excited (Frank Ichimoto)." Smiling solider.

Small dog standing on hind legs.

"Bar off limits to Allied forces in Oran." Sign posted on bar door, barring allied forces from entry.

Two girls walking down the street of Oran.

A village on the Mediterranean. Rocks and pathway leading to body of water.

"Kaz Takusagawa on rock waterfront in Oran, the Mediterranean."

Kaz Takusagawa standing in front of brick wall with bandana around his neck and in uniform.

Kaz Takusagawa in uniform, in front of tall hedge.

"Repple Depple harbor. (Our ship for home). Army trucks. Troops there gathered around cargo boxes."

Tsuboi and Frank Ichimoto getting Repple Depple (replacement depot) notice.

Bella Signorina leaning against a pillar wearing a dress and belt.

Lloyd Hoshide and Lloyd in Vada area, sitting on a plantar ledge in front of frond bushes.

Norris, Ken, and John at Milano American Red Cross Club.

Norris E. Sword, Army Air Force. Standing in front of tall hedge.

Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] and John at Milano [American Red Cross] Club. In front of barren trees, presumably winter.

Norris, Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] and John at Milano American Red ross Club. Hiroshi Mizuki in the middle. In front of barren trees, presumably winter.

"Back to Milano, Italy". "US ARC [American Red Cross] Transient Club." Frontal view of ARC entrance archway and building. "American Red Cross Transient Club" sign as part of the archway.

View of train station platform "C" and overhead train cables.

"Another train depot stop. Not in mountains."

"Going thru many train tunnels on the way back." View of snow covered mountains.

Mountain pass through Switzerland. Train cables visible, image captured from train.

"Going thru more mountain scenes." Snow-covered mountains.

Depot stop in the mountain. Snow-covered mountains.

"More mountain passes." Snow-covered mountains.

"On our way back to Lucerne thru mountains."

Tram in downtown Zurich. Swiss pedestrians also waiting for tram. Some walking down street. Large building in background.

Downtown Zurich next to the waterfront. View of several large buildings and townspeople.

Lake Zurich waterfront.

"Strolling in downtown Zurich. Dog waiting in snow by sled."

Young boy skiing in downtown Zurich. Shops and pedestrians visible in background.

"Coincidence- our stay at hotel in Zurich named same as in Engelberg- Schweizerhof. " Hotel entrance as well as neighboring storefronts.

City building in Zurich. Pedestrians walking on sidewalk. One man biking in street.

"On our way to Zurich thru mountains on train." View of snow-covered mountain.

"Practicing with our skis before our run." View of snow-covered mountains.

"Ski run five (5) mile course (Days run for us)." View of snow-covered mountains.

Area for ski run on the mountain. Snow-covered mountains.

Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] by skating rink in Engelberg. Snow-covered ground.

Ken Nobe in front of [Schweizerhof] hotel. Signs on building "tea room" and "restauration". Snow-covered ground.

Bob Suckerstorff with skis. In front of Schweizerhoff hotel.

Norris and Bob [Suckerstorff] in front of Schweizerhof hotel. "Bob Suckerstorff ready for skiing."

"RC ladies also on tour. Standing in front of Garten Restaurant in the snow." "Garten-Restaurant" written on building. "RC"most likely referring to American Red Cross.

Norris E. Sword, John Fagan, and Robert E. Suckerstorff in front of [Schweizerhof] hotel. Snow-covered ground.
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