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Yukio Okutsu describes his employment after the war, getting married, and his children.

Yukio Okutsu's military service comes to an end and goes home to Hawaii. After a brief stint in the Merchant Marines, he goes to watch making school.

Yukio Okutsu experiences combat in Southern France and describes the actions surrounding his nomination for the Medal of Honor.

Yukio Okutsu experiences active combat in Italy and France, sometimes dealing with insufficient resources and death along the way.

Yukio Okutsu volunteers for military service and experiences boot camp at Camp Shelby in Mississippi. He then participates in active combat in Africa and Italy.

Yukio Okutsu describes growing up in his village and learning about Japanese history and values. He also talks about changes following the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Yukio Okutsu describes growing up in Hawaii with his large family and how he passed the time as a child and into his high school years.
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