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Tanna discusses about visiting American Concentration Camps. He details about his post-war life and his family. Tanna also discusses about Bill Oda.

Tanna discusses about the lighter sides of war and the Lost Battalion. He details about the Champagne Campaign. Tanna also discusses about his experiences with an Italian family, his squad mates, brother, and returning home.

Tanna discusses about his experiences in Naples and Europe. He details about the relationship between soldiers and role as a machine gunner.

Tanna discusses about the aftermath from Pearl Harbor. He details joining the Army and experiences in Mississippi. Tanna also discusses about basic training, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, and his journey to Europe.

Tanna discusses about his life after high school and baseball. He details about discrimination and geopolitics. Tanna also discusses about his family, Pearl Harbor, and its aftermath.

Tanna discusses about his family and career aspirations. He describes Honolulu growing up. Tanna also discusses about his schooling and best childhood memories.

Tanna discusses about his family. He details about his childhood. Tanna also discusses about baseball.
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