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Samuel Yamaguchi discusses growing up San Diego. He talks about his high school experiences and home life. He talks about his reaction to the Pearl Harbor attack and gives a summary of his military service.

Samuel Yamaguchi talks about his family moving in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack. He discusses moving to central California to join his uncle. He also describes moving to the Poston camp after Executive Order 9066.

Samuel Yamaguchi discusses his experiences in the military. He talks about enlisting, and waiting in Utah to get inducted. He also discusses visiting his family in Poston before shipping out for basic training.

Samuel Yamaguchi discusses his combat experiences and getting seriously injured. He talks about his injury and medical recovery. He also discusses how he was transferred out of the 442nd unit due to his injuries.

Samuel Yamaguchi discusses his military discharge and return home. He talks about his life after the war, and reflects on what his military service means to him. He talks about his opinion on the 9/11 conflict. He also diplays a photograph and talks…

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