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Yamamoto discusses the first Military Intelligence Service Language School (MISLS) and his time working at the Pentagon. He details about his family and his hope for future generations. Yamamoto also discusses about the legacy of Nisei veterans.

Yamamoto discusses about his experiences in Kyoto and with the war crime trials. He briefly discusses comfort women and details about how the Japanese treated their prisoners. Yamamoto also discusses his wife and his career path.

Yamamoto discusses his interactions with Japanese prisoners and their mindset. He details about the 6th Army landing in in the Philippines. Yamamoto also discusses experiences with Kamikaze attacks and heading to Japan.

Yamamoto discusses his feelings about Pearl Harbor, Executive Order 9066, and draft resisters. He details about his experiences in Australia. Yamamoto also discusses about his experiences in New Guinea.

Yamamoto discusses his family and overviews his childhood. He details about a trip he took to China and Japan. Yamamoto also discusses religion, experiences with discrimination, and his parents reaction to enlisting into the Army.

Yamamoto discusses his journey to the military and being assigned to the 66th Medical Battalion. He details about being the first class of the Military Intelligence Service. Yamamoto also discusses Pearl Harbor, heading overseas, and arriving in New…
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