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Envelope from the War Department to Paul Nishimuta.

A black and white drawing of the Company D Fort Snelling Training Camp panoramic done in 1945.

A panoramic of Company D at "Turkey Farm" Fort Snelling Training Camp taken in 1945

Photographs from George Shimizu's military service in the Philippines during World War II. Top two photographs of George. Bottom left photograph of George Shimizu with fellow soldiers. Bottom right photograph of a puppy named "Blackie".

Photographs of George Shimizu during his military service in the Philippines. Top photograph of George in Mindanao driving a Jeep. Bottom photograph of George Shimizu with other soldiers, "tentmates" in Leyte.

Photographs of George Shimizu (husband of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu) while overseas in Mindanao, Philippines. Top photograph of group photograph (George located on far right) holding Japanese flags. Middle left photograph of George holding a Japanese…

Taken at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photographs depict Mary Yamamoto Shimizu with friends, riding canoes on the lake.

Top photograph of Japanese American woman reading letters on the grass. Right photograph of Japanese American woman holding a cat. Left photograph of two Japanese American women accompanied by two children.

Mach Shoji dressed in jacket, pants and boots. Shoji is standing in front of a US Army supply truck.

Mack Shoji lounging in a window sill. Shoji was in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, E Company.

Raymond Shigenaga and W.M Seiji standing outside of armory.

"The Gang." Gerries beyond the mountains. Group of Nisei soldiers leisurely sitting on the side of the road. Half of the men are using their helmets as stools to sit on. Hills are seen in the background.

Tamai and Sam Sakai standing together next to a scrap pile and abandoned building. The hills and mountains are seen in the background behind Tamai and Sakai.

"Gerries" (Germans) in the hills and mountains. The hills and mountains are seen in the background behind Robert Ichikawa and Sam Sakai.

Takeshi (Tak) Shindo. Fort Snelling, Minnesota. 1945.

Shindo standing in a garden with hands clasped behind him, in uniform.

Photographs are in color.

Top row left,: [Mr. Ushiyama] in the flower garden outside his home; Top row, middle: [The Ushiyama Family]; Top row, right: [The Ushiyama Family] in front of their home.

Middle row, left: Gilbert and Mary Tanji in…

Left photograph: 1945. Baby Christine playing on her toy lawnmower on the lawn outside of what seems to be the Ushiyama family home; Right photograph: Betty against the side of brick building.

Photographs seem to be at a park-like environment.

Top row, left photograph: 1945. Harold Fudema; Top row, middle: Ken Hanaguchi; Top row, right: Willie Kimota.

Bottom row, left: Ken Hanaguchi and Willie Kimota sitting on grassy hill; Bottom…

Images taken in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Top row, left: 1945. Jim, Mary Jean [Sakarai] and Lydia on grass; Top row, middle (missing) image with "video" written in it's place: Lydia, Oscar and Mary Jean [Sakarai]; Top row, right: Mary Jean Sakarai…

Portrait studio image of Mary Jean [Sakarai], 1945, possibly between five and nine months.

Images of Shira Enmoto, Ben Sumita, Gilbert Tanji and Mary Tanji near the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

Ushimaya family photographs.

Top row left to right: Family portrait, 1945; George Ushiyama; Ushiyama family; Three (3) Ushiyama sisters, Mary Tanji holding family dog; Some family members and Mary Tanji.

Middle row, left to right: Amy Ushiyama;…

"German Meat Wagon in Ghedi Airfield bivouac 442nd RCT [Regimental Combat Team] for POW [Prisoners of War]- M/J 1945".

The 442nd, formed of Americans of Japanese ancestry (Nisei) being welcomed back to Italy from France by General Clark, just before their west coast attack was launched. General Clark on right with back turned to camera.
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