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Hayashi discusses his family and their experiences with forced removal. He details about trying to find a job and the prejudices present. Hayashi also discusses the Japanese community and gives a message to future generations.

Hayashi discusses the voyage to Europe and food. He details about R&R, friends, and reunions. Hayashi also discusses about holding a position in a European town and the most useful equipment. He also discusses the voyage home and moving back to…

Hayashi discusses Menton and leisure periods. He details about his experiences in Italy and the end of the war in Europe. Hayashi also discusses about returning home and reflects on his time spent in Europe.

Hayashi discusses his early life in California, being drafted into the Army, and the reaction to Pearl Harbor. He details about his time at Camp Shelby and Fort Sheridan. Hayashi also discusses his voyage across the Atlantic and and his early…
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