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Toyoda discusses his parents, educational experiences, and friends. He describes San Gabriel Valley and details about being an athlete. Toyoda also discusses about being a member the Scholarship Society, relation with his brother, religion, and the…

Toyoda discusses Executive Order 9066 and people who were nice to him, even though he was Japanese American. He details about discrimination that he witnessed. Toyoda briefly discusses attending the Military Intelligence Service Language School…

Toyoda discusses how he met his wife and getting married. He detail about how Nisei soldiers were treated and being assigned to New Caledonia. Toyoda also discusses about his experiences interrogating Japanese Prisoners of War (POW).

Toyoda discusses his experiences in Bougainville. He details about his arrival in the Philippines, interaction with American prisoners of war. Toyoda also discusses General Beightler and the 37th Division.

Toyoda discusses about receiving recognition and the Bronze Star. He details about being mistaken for an enemy soldier and what ensued afterwards. Toyoda also discusses his experiences on the USS John Pope, finally being sent to Japan, and his…

Toyoda discusses working for General Ridgway and General Clark in Occupied Japan. He details about going to work at the Pentagon and being promoted to Major. Toyoda also discusses his experiences working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Toyoda discusses today's Japanese American community and the future of Japanese Americans. He gives a message to Nisei veterans. Toyoda also discusses the night of December 7, 1941.
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