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Kono discusses receiving passes, traveling, and communicating with his family during the war. He details about awards received and coming home. Kono also discusses his career and family (wife, children, grandchildren).

Kono discusses his early experiences in Italy, laying the wire, and the Arno-Rome Campaign. He details about heading and his experiences in France. Kono also discusses about his experiences in Germany and liberating Dachau Concentration Camp.

Kono discusses he experiences at Camp Shelby and during basic training. He details the structure of the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion and about the duties if the wire section. Kono also discusses about going overseas and landing in Italy.

Kono discusses his family life and childhood. He details about discrimination and his friend. Kono also discusses about Pearl Harbor, aftermath, and joining the Varsity Victory Volunteers (VVV). He also details about volunteering for the army.
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