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Tagami discusses his nickname and his squad mates. He details his post-war experiences. Tagami also discusses his family and give a message to future generations.

Tagami discusses his experiences in Italy. He details his experiences in post-war Japan. Tagami also discusses his post military life and reflects on his military experiences.

Tagami discusses his journey overseas, arriving in France, and joining his unit. He details his experiences in France. Tagami also discusses his experiences in Italy.

Tagami discusses the anti-air cannon that was behind his house, his experiences at Jerome Concentration Camp, and being drafted. He details Japanese units and his military experiences. Tagami also discusses basic training, his experiences in Italy,…

Tagami discusses his childhood. He details the forced removal and his experiences in Fresno, California. Tagami also discusses his in the Fresno Temporary Detention Facility and Jerome Concentration Camp.

Tagami discusses about his family. He details about his childhood. Tagami also discusses about Pearl Harbor and its aftermath.
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